Become a Mentee

The following is a link to a short application form that is used to gather further information from potential mentees. We use this information to deem a potential mentee's fit within our program, as well as to effectively match mentees with the right mentor.

 GMAT Mentors has helped over 190 mentees across 19 different countries!  

Mentee FAQ

 How do we help mentees?
As an organization, we help our mentees in the following ways:

  1. Pairing mentees with mentors that can share their experiences and insight to guide mentees through the GMAT process.  
  2. Having been successful with the GMAT, mentors can give advice to help mentees create personalized study plans.
  3. When needed, mentors also may take on the role of a tutor in helping mentees with specific questions - however, they are primarily a source of general, rather than specific advice.
  4. Recommending and providing study resources.
  5. We make sure that mentees have a support system throughout what can be difficult and stressful process.

How much does it cost?
GMAT Mentors is absolutely free for all parties involved. Mentees do not pay for our program, and all mentors are volunteers.

What can a mentee expect throughout the course of our program?
The following is a summary of the steps and stages a mentee can typically expect from involvement in our program:

  1. Potential mentees fill out the form on the website to express interest.
  2. They will receive a follow up form via email for more information.
  3. GMAT Mentors will match mentees with the best mentor for them, in part by matching time zones and mentee weaknesses in the GMAT.
  4. The mentor will then reach out directly to the mentee to schedule an introductory skype meeting.
  5. The mentor and mentee will maintain an ongoing relationship throughout the mentee’s GMAT studies, or as needed.