Reviews from past mentees


"Without my mentors help I would have been truly stuck! I had tried everything from websites to every book on the market, but was stuck at sub 600.

Three Skype sessions and a few emails and I improved!! It was so nice to work with someone who was applying to the same schools and freely offering up their support and guidance for free! That is something I’ve never seen before, but I’m so glad to be a recipient of it and can’t thank my mentor and you guys enough for the connection!

A 110 point score improvement is no joke! MBA here I come!"


“I had no experience with the test, and haven’t touched math in almost 10 years, so I was looking for someone to explain the basics GMAT Mentors was great for that. 

My mentor explained the type of material covered, section strategies, and overall how to approach studying. Their service is sorely needed and I’d recommend them to anyone looking to get an edge on the test.” 


"My experience with GMAT Mentors has been great. I have personally been in contact with my mentor and he has been a great resource to ask questions regarding every aspect of GMAT exam.

He has given me advise on the best prep materials out there, the way in which one can tackle problems, the best ways to prepare, etc.

He is a just a great person who is helping people who are preparing for the GMAT test. 

Thank you for your kindness in helping people, I appreciate it greatly."